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Okay, right quick before I go to bed.

I was looking at some Twilight macros and there's apparently this part where Edward (1) shoves some blond dude up against a mirror and they're all angry and fangy and stuff. My thought process: two good-looking guys all up in each other's faces ---> they're totes gonna make out ---> no, wait, they're fighting ---> they should make out, though ---> omg, what I would give to have been at a premiere of this movie, just so I could sit silently for the whole thing until they reach this fight scene and, once the theater is deathly quiet and suspenseful, cup my hands around my mouth and go, "MAKE OUT" ---> on my headstone, they'd write: "Zelly, 1988-2008, died taunting fangirls, last words: 'Totally Worth It'" (2)
Oh, yeah, and I leave for basic training on Tuesday. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD

(1) ...okay, so seriously, I still think FMA before Twilight when I write "Edward", so now all I can think is "The Full-Metal Vampire" or the "Fully-Sparkly Alchemist"
(2) yup, totally worth it - in fact, I prefer that be my way to go, except for how totally embarrassing it would be to die by the hands of Twilight fangirls

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28 December 2008 @ 07:12 pm

You guys, you guys, guess what. I went in to see my recruiter and weigh in a few weeks ago. I was 172 then. I made 165 today! I'd been hovering around 165.5-166 for a couple days (what with Christmas and all), but I finally made 165 even. I just ate dinner, though, so that probably ruined it, but whatev. I need to get to 160 by the 12th (which looks more and more attainable every day), thought I really wanna get to 150.
madhatterpan  and thebitterseason  are sexy beasts, even if we can't always get in sync~
I'm listening to Uchoten's "Ai wo Torimodose!!" and it sounds like Naruto is singing with Uchoten. I mean, I think that's on purpose (with Sakura coming in near the middle), but it's still weird.
I caved and bought the Twilight soundtrack (I got some iTunes giftcards) because everybody on Twitter was raving about it, and I have to admit, I'm actually enjoying it. Esepcially Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole". I saw the vampire baseball scene on YouTube (which, I mean, dude, seriously? XD WHAT KIND OF SELF-RESPECTING VAMPIRE PLAYS *BASEBALL* IN MATCHING 1900s UNIFORMS?!) and this reminds me of it. I don't care enough to go look the scene up and find out, but I'm imagining fangy RPattz swinging his hips in those tight pants, so I'm happy the way things are.
Also, I was not expecting RPattz to have songs on here! The universe is caving in.
Oh, and I got the HSM3 soundtrack. My favorite is "I Want It All", of course, because Ryan and Sharpay always have the best songs, but I also love"A Night to Remember" which is the girls going "OMG I love prom!" and the guys going "...eh? Do I have to?"
The soundtrack came with a trailer, which largely features the Big Game song (I dunno which that is), but is unintentionally hilarious with Gabriella's "I believe in you! :D" expression and Zefron with a "...ew, girl cooties" look on his face. Oh, and the trailer had a clip of Zefron doing this airplane motion with a blue bandana wrapped aorund his head and all I could think was "Zefron = totes a hardcore Crip, man."
And the Pussycat Dolls had some new stuff out, so I got some of their songs. I'm really not a fan of their ballads, and this album isn't as dancy as the first one, but there's still some good stuff.I still have a bit left on my giftcards, any recommendations?
I was up until 4:30 this morning RPing with thebitterseason and madhatterpan, so church was torture today. Especially since Pastor Kevin was "led by the Spirit to go in a different direction" (which was not a particularly entertaining one); I can't remember much of anything he said, since it was all I could do to not curl up in the pew, front seat on the balcony or not.
Oh, and I'm pretty sure no one from my Sunday School class reads this but: DUDE, YOU QUIT GIVING RENEE IDEAS OR I SWEAR I'M GONNA BOMB YOUR HOUSE SO HARD ONCE I'M IN THE AIR FORCE. D: He was like, "You should call her T.I. in basic and tell him exactly how to piss her off" and I'm like "Noooooo, stop iiiiiiiit~" XD
Anyway, so I was super tired when we got back, but then I went to sleep. I slept the hell out of that bed!
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Hooray for memes!

0. Which Holiday do you celebrate? Christmas, but I never met a winter holiday I didn't like. Especially one involving presents.

1. Wrapping Paper or Gift Bags? Paper, definitely. I like wrapping and ripping them open, and it's fun when everybody's done an the living room is covered in paper. Good picture opportunity.

2. Real Tree or Artificial? Real, but Daddy and Renee always get artificial. I hate putting those up. D< I hate taking them down even more.

3. When do you put up the tree? Personally, I'd like to put it up the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is, of course, for shopping.

4. When do you take the tree down? The Saturday after New Year's.

5. Do you like eggnog? Ew.

6. Favorite gift received as a child? Gift cards. XD

7. Hardest person to buy for? Daddy.

8. Easiest person to buy for? Momma.

9. Do you have a nativity scene? Yes. But it's a tasteful counter-top one.

10. Mail or email Holiday cards? Neither, but snail-mail ones if I did send them.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? I'm so easy to please, I don't think I've ever gotten anything I truely disliked, unless you count stocking candy I didn't like.

12a. Favorite Holiday Movie(s)? A Christmas Story, probably. Oh, and The Santa Clause and Love Actually.

12b. Favorite Holiday Special(s)? Uh, I've never seen any, I don't think. I saw the first minute of the Star Wars one, but it was so horrible I couldn't finish.

13. When do you start shopping? It depends. I'm kind of always looking, but I do most of my shopping in December.

14. Have you ever recycled a present? No. I think that's kind of tacky. If you don't like what I got you, tell me! I'll give you the receipt, I promise!

15. Favorite thing to eat at Holiday Time? Renee's crepes with powdered sugar, sparkling grape juice, cocktail weenies, baked sour cream and onion chips, rolls! :D

16. Lights on the tree? Rainbow, of course. As much color as possible!

17. Favorite Holiday song? "All I Want For Christmas Is You" as sung by Olivia Olson in Love Actually.

18. Travel at the Holidays or stay at home? Stay at home. Traveling is for Thanksgiving. Although, we do go to our old next-door neighbors' house for Christmas dinner.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Oh, yes. I was in many a Christmas production in elementary school.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? A star, but I've seen very pretty angels.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Presents on Christmas Eve, stockings on Christmas Day (unless it's exchanging gifts with friends, then it's whenever I get them).

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year? The so-called "War on Christmas" and people starting the holiday season before Halloween.

23. What theme or color are you using? Rainbow! I like colorful decorations, but my main color is usually red.

24. Favorite for Holiday dinner. Rolls. Or a roll cut in half with ham in the middle.

25. What do you want for the Holiday this year? To magically skip boot camp and go straight to training school! But more realistically, holiday socks. I can never have enough holiday socks. And I mean every holiday!

26. Who is most likely to respond to this? fenellaevangela

27. Who is least likely to respond to this? lochnessmelissa 
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God, you guys, I'm so tired. I was out partying with Rusty and Ziggy really late last night - I didn't get into bed until 3am! So, yesterday Rusty and I watched Dr. Horrible at his house (I'd never seen it before. It made me go "D:"), then some other stuff on YouTube (and his sister-in-law made peanut butter cookies and freshly-fried catfish! :D), then we went to meet up with Ziggy. We saw The Dark Knight at the dollar theater (they kept trying to start the movie, and it kept failing all creepily, then some dude came, fixed it, and gave everybody a thumbs-up from the projection room window! XD). I kept having cleavage issues, but whatev. Once the movie ended, we went to 1120 (if you know Birmingham, it's in Five Points South, across the street from The Original Pancake House) and got memberships and went in. It wasn't even 11pm yet, so it was a little dead, but we hung out on the couches, danced in our seats, and talked (even over the music - it was really loud!). Randomly they'd turn on this strobe light and just leave it on for a few minutes. It gave me a headache. Finally, we all got up and danced! Ziggy and I even got up on one of the poles and danced! :D That was so much fun!

AUGH, there was this super-old dude macking on this girl who looked *way* underage. Ick. It was really creepy.

Anyway, we went to Waffle House after that, then home. I was so dead. I still am. D: 

Have any of you guys been clubbing before? Where do you like to go? 
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My jaw~ hurts~. D: I had a dental screw in there for a few years, and I had it removed today. The periodontist had to root around for it, because every time she thought she had it, it would shift out of her grasp. Then they had to fight to get the screw out and it turned out that I'd bent it in my cheek! XD 
Welcome, madhatterpan  and thebitterseason! Don't think I forgot about our trip to Japan. We'll inspire Ellie Mamehara to new heights come hell or high water! I LOVE YOU GUYS. NO, FOR SERIOUS. CAPSLOCK FOREVER.
I've finally started my workout program for basic training. It hurts, to say the least. I'm fine while I'm exercising, but afterward I'm all stiff. And I can't work out for a few days because of the stitches in my mouth! D:
I'm going clubbing for the first time on Friday! :D :D :D I'm totes excited. I have to pick out a hot outfit.
Daddy and I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still last night. It was pretty good (better than I expected, anyway). Lots of big and little niggly things that bugged me, but it was fun to discuss afterward. If you don't like sci-fi and/or are an anti-geek, don't expect to like it, because a lot of the movie will go right over your head.
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08 December 2008 @ 01:04 pm
Okay, okay, you guys. Do any of you read (and enjoy) the Twilight books? I mean, we probably can't be friends anymore if you say yes, but besides that, if so, this will contain a spoiler for the fourth book (and maybe some theme spoilers for the series, plus God knows what in the comments).

Well, I can save you from unoriginal dumb-dumbs who wouldn"t care if you com.........plete them or not~!Collapse )
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I'm at the Commons on the Green killing time, and I look over at the landing on the stairs, and I see a suspicious consortium of people congregated there.
Why suspicious?
They are all carrying the exact same long green-and-white striped umbrella.

People always think I'm lying when I mention some of the odd things that happen around me. I think they're just not paying attention.

AUGH! In the time it took me to type this out, they all disappeared! :O

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09 November 2008 @ 12:10 pm
Me: Hey, I should download some of that awesome Pokemon music I used to rock out to.
iTunes: Here it is! :3
Me: ...why do I have a feeling you know something I don't?
iTunes: Why would you say that? :3
Me: Uh...nevermind. ::downloads music::
iTunes: >3 Why wait? You should listen to it now! >>>3
Me: ...uh, okay. ::listens:: Uh, maybe I'm just a perv, but that song sounds kinda dirty. Especially for coming from 4Kids, who bent over backwards to edit out teh gayness and guns and fake boobs and stuff.
iTunes: You don't say. :3

So, yeah. Some of this stuff is kind of dirty, some of it makes me wanna cry ("No, Pikachuu~! Don't goooooooo~! ::wail::"), and the rest is unintentionally hysterical. Take "2B a Master", for example. It's kind of funny by itself - I mean, come on, a Pokemon rap song? - but then when you imagine someone like Eminem or Jibbs or Chingy or the like singing, it makes you wanna fall out of your chair.

Also, I have got to stop downloading songs from bad 90s songfics. XD
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Ahaha, I'm such a dork. I'm sitting in the Commons at UAB nursing a lemonade Sprite and doing my Japanese homework (and totally reading sf_drama) and getting a huge kick out of it. XD 

So, guys, what's the dorkiest thing you've done in a while?

Also, there was nice weather, so I'm totes rocking a hothot mini-skirt and platform heels. :D Did you guys dress sexy today?
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21 October 2008 @ 12:57 pm
...uh, yeah. I love you guys! I...uh...fell into a warp hole in space! Yeah! That's it!

1) We're all moved in! I have a large, airy, rainbow room. :D 
2) ...but there was a tiny tiny scorpion of death, like the ones at Eagle Point. I mean, WTF? It was just the one, though, so we're not quite sure what happened.
3) We had to give away our indoor kitty, Salem, but we brought the outdoor kitty, Mama Kitty, with us. She had a baby! :3 It's so precious. I'm the only one who can pick it up without getting hissed at.
4) UAB is going well. It's funny how I never see anyone I know when I'm looking, but I nearly run old classmates over when I'm late to class or something. XD 
5) I'm gonna be SuperGirl for Halloween! Who are you guys dressing up as?
6) I had to give notice at my awesome UAB job, since Marvin's decided to open two new stores a week apart. Idiots.
7) Saw Max Payne with Ferris a few days ago. It's a pretty good movie on its own, though it's better if you've played the game. Go see it!
9) So, I've been using Twitter and BrightKite a lot recently. You guys should too. ::peer pressure::
10) I'm inactive reserve in the Air Force until I go to basic training in January. I'm gonna die, I just know it. No cell phone, no e-mail, no internet for two months?! D: D: D: 
11) My crazy psych professor is crazy, no joke. Do you guys have any crazy teachers/professors?
12) Just in the last week, I got cat-called by construction workers, asked to lunch, and been told that I have a mean walk. I like the way this seems to be going. >D

So, what'd I miss?

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Renee. I know you're not the brightest bulb in the box, but surely you realize that, when we technically have no idea when we'll actually be moving into our new house, it might not be a good idea to sell out table and chairs (and barstools), as now, we have nowhere to sit to eat.
Holy hell, our yard sale is kicking ass. Like, I took my fold-out couch and it sold about two minutes later. It's crazy. I'm inside right now, since the price list is entirely in Daddy's head and Renee's already out there to help him move stuff. I'm saving my rug for the next yard sale, mostly because I can't be arsed to take it out there now. XD
Er, yeah, so we were supposed to have signed on the house and get the keys to start moving in no later than July 31st. That's what, nine days of fail?
I've been officially accepted at UAB, and my neighbor, Ms. Lori, has offered me a job there all-day on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I still can't log in. What the hell, UAB? I can't register for classes until it lets me log in!
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Apparently, whichever company is supposed to be handling closing on our house has got its' entire upper body up its' collective ass, because now we're gonna have to switch companies.
So no, we still don't have the new house yet. D:
In related news, we're having a yard sale tomorrow! It's certainly news to me. Daddy was all, "Make sure you bring down your yard sale stuff in the morning!" like, ten minutes ago. I was all, "I'm sorry, what the hell are you talking about?"
So now I'm off to scavenge yard sale stuff. D<
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Man, I totally was freaking myself out a minute ago. When I went to talk to the recruiter, I took the ASVAB pre-test and got a 91, with the best possible score a 99. This isn't nearly good enough, so Daddy and I picked up a couple of study guides earlier today. I took the diagnostic test (to see where you are now and what you need to work on) and tried to score it, but I couldn't figure it out. It listed about 6 different kinds of scores and how to tally them and I kept getting really low scores. I was hoping it was just because I was miscalculating them, so I searched the site and online in general. I finally figured it out and it turns out I'm doing okay (there's no way to translate the scores without a chart and stuff), but I definitely need to improve. Like my Auto/Shop and Mechanical Comprehension scores were abysmal. ;_; They were really dragging my good scores down. So I need to study constantly until I take the real thing a week from tomorrow!
Ack. I'm going to talk to the recruiter again tomorrow - with Daddy, this time. This should be interesting, at least.
Also tomorrow, we're going to UAB to see about maybe my transferring there! Daddy thinks I might as well get some more core classes out of the way since I'm not joining up until January. MAYBE I'LL FINALLY GET TO GO TO UAB! :D :D :D
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Aaaah! I went and talked to an Air Force recruiter today! It was exciting. I swear, I must've been there for an hour and a half. She said I can go whenever I'm ready, so I've got an appointment for my ASVAB (sort of like the ACT, but for the military) the Tuesday after next and I'll probably schedule my enlistment for January. :D
The recruiter was awesome. We were just chatting away! She shares my propensity for kitchen mishaps (you guys remember the Melted Biscuits Escapade, right? XD) and was very nice. She said she hadn't seen an ASVAB pre-test score as high as mine in a long time. :D
She also said that it was good that I was working out and getting in shape, but since the AF bootcamp is 70% academic, 30% physical, that I had nothing to worry about. Take that, Army!
Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: we're buying a house. Daddy and Renee are supposed to sign on it tomorrow afternoon and we start moving in Saturday. I'm not going far, just to Morris. We're the first ones in our subdivision, so Daddy negotiated a wicked-sweet price (I'm not allowed to say what, of course, but trust me when I say that we came out way ahead). My room is a weird canvas color (just once, I'd like to get a room painted sky-blue), but it's still pretty sweet. I have a nice closet, but nothing less than another room with a shelving system would be able to top my closets right now. D: I do like the carpet, though. And I have a kick-ass ceiling that is super-tall, which is perfect for my awesome bed. I shall have a cat-nest upon which I shall perch so as to look down upon all who enter my domain! Muahahaha~! :3
And we'll finally be able to have people over, so you guys should totally come. It'll be sweet. :D
AND AND AND Daddy said that since my big TV is too big to even get in the door of my new room, he and Renee might just get me a flat-panel for Christmas! :D I figure, that and an iPhone 3G is all I really want anyway. ;3
So, guys, I've not done a lot in my life. What wild and crazy things should I do before I sign up in a few months? :D :D :D
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27 July 2008 @ 02:10 am
The "My Flist is TEH AWESOME" Friending meme

Yeah, just passing this along...
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Ever since I can remember, there's always been The Plan. Items have been added to and removed from it, but never changed by much, until now. Senior year of high school, The Plan was extensive and detailed, but here's an overview:
 - graduate from high school
 - get into Samford
 - get into McWhorter
 - graduate with a good job (and an excellent signing bonus) waiting for me (probably in the Air Force or Army in their medical divisions)
 - finish paying off my student loans just in time to save up enough money for a down-payment on a nice loft and a nice BMW before GHS's 10-year reunion
 - by this time, The Plan would be amended to include what happens after this

As of yesterday (Tuesday), that plan has been officially completely scrapped. Not re-arranged, not adjusted, just totally thrown out as if it never happened.
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19 July 2008 @ 09:59 pm

(Recap: In case you guys somehow forgot, I got to see it on Tuesday, way before any of you. :D)

Yeah, so it was pretty sweet. Beth, Aislinn, Andrew, and I piled into Beth's van and drove over to the Mall of Georgia in Buford, GA for the advanced screening on Tuesday. Aislinn and I met Beth at her house, then rode with her to meet Andrew at the Summit. We bought lots of snacks and hit the road. Aislinn was asleep most of the way there, during which we realized her cooler of beer was open and the alcohol was incredibly obvious, so I told Andrew to try and hide it (in case we got pulled over - Daddy would kill me, even though I didn't have any). He craftily hid it by turning the cheap styrofoam cooler upside down over the beer. XD I took a great picture of him and the completely invisible contraband, but it was with his camera and he hasn't sent us the pictures yet. There are some hot pics in the batch.

We went shopping first, of course. I got a super-cute purple tank at Express. They turned out to be part of a two-for-one sale, so I got a green tank. Andrew made me get it:
Me: ::reaches for blue tank::
Andrew: No. You're not getting a blue top.
Me: But why? D:
Andrew: You have lots of blue shirts, right?
Me: ...uh, yeah. How'd you know?
Andrew: You're a blue-eyed blonde.
Me: ...but blue is my favorite color...
Andrew: Here, try this green one. You don't have any green tops, right?
Me: How did you know that?!
Andrew: Blondes never wear enough green, and they should.
It ended up looking really good, too, so he was right. XD

We did more shopping (and avoided this super-creepy old man who was staring Andrew and me down...) and I finally dragged everybody up to the theater. To the IMAX THEATER, BITCHES. Yeah, exactly. Anyway, we went up at 7:30ish and they were just then letting people line up (the movie started at 9:45), so we got in line. There weren't more than twenty people in front of us, which was awesome. At about 8:45, one of the security guys walked over and made an announcement:
Security Guy [SG]: We're gonna let you guys in early-
Andrew and Beth: ::stand up::
SG: -in about twenty minutes.
Andrew and Beth: ::sit the fuck back down::
Me: ::crack up at them::
SG [to me]: I'm sorry. ::stern look::
Me: Sorry! ::wilt::
Why am I always the one who get reprimanded for stuff! I'm usually the one who's best-behaved! D:
Two people were actually dressed as the Joker, which was pretty freaking sweet, honestly. I wished I'd had more warning about being able to go, so I could've gone as a Dee Dee or something. Maybe a modified Harley, but I don't like jumpsuits. We talked about what we should've dressed up as, and came up with the following list: prom outfits (like we're going on the red carpet), Jokers, Jokerz, 4chan Scientology protesters, or Star Trek characters (this would've entailed us being in line and talking about how excited we were to see the Star Trek movie early XD). That would've been pretty sweet. I didn't have a Batman shirt (we even looked in Hot Topic, but I couldn't find one I liked), so I had to settle for my STFU shirt.

Anyway, they let us in and we FINALLY SAW THE MOVIE.

In conclusion, go see it.
I'm planning on seeing it about six thousand more times. mayoroftardtown, we need to see it together!!
srmorgandegdale, you should come with us. Have you recovered from the time difference?

And then, we had to go to sleep. How, I have no idea. The hotel smelled like piss, but it was clean, so we just went to bed. I'm so glad those beds were big, because I did not wanna sleep on that floor where somebody's dog had probably peed (it was an extended stay hotel).

I wanna see the next one already! I'm kind of hoping that, since they've done a Superman movie, they might make a No-Man's Land movie and end it with Lex (played by Smallville's Lex, of course) winning the Presidential race. God, that would be so awesome. Especially if the last shot is Batman being all, "BTW, Kal, Lex won" and Superman breaking something.
Also, I think if Nolan directed a live-action Batman: Beyond movie, I might have to marry him as well.
Ah, this song has an a capella part near the end. When I danced in the ballet class's part in the Christmas show at GHS, we did a kind of kick-line to that part and every time I hear it, I have to stop and do the step we did. XD
My cousin Brittney got married today! Her husband Dustin is such a huge dork. Why? The whole ceremony was very classy (even though it was in Walker County), but then the minister says he can kiss the bride and he braces himself and sticks his tongue all the way down her throat for four forevers, which would've simply been hot if he'd been all cool and collected when he turned away, but he was bright red. XD At the reception I told him he'd never live it down and he goes, "It was worth it - tongue in church, baby!"
We went to the rehearsal dinner the night before and I apparently made a friend of Dustin's Uncle What Is This "Personal Space Bubble" Of Which You Speak?, which was okay, but then he came up to me when I was serving at the buffet table today and stands about an inch away. He was giving off some serious stalker/rapist vibes, guys. ::shudder:: And of course, since Brittney and I are only a few years apart, all our aunts and my mother and her mother were like, "So you're next right, wink wink, nudge nudge!" So like hell I'm staying at my mom's house (who lives next door to my Aunt Becky, who is Brittney's mother), for which my cousin Mallory gives me all kinds of hell. Finally, her girlfriend Shannon got her off my case (I already love Shannon to pieces, but this just cemented it) and I left. Weirdly, I got a wicked-bad stomachache the moment I got to the car but it's gone now. :D
Somebody buy me another bamboo plant. Mine's all sad and lonely. D:
So catch me up on what I missed while I was out being a fangirl?
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I don't have a lot of time (I'll be leaving for work in a bit) so I'll be quick. If Beth ends up not having a work conflict (and Daddy doesn't suddenly whip out his banhammer), we'll be leaving for Buford, GA tomorrow at 9:30 am! So everybody, do me a favor and pray/hope/keep your fingers crossed, whatever you feel comfortable doing so that we can. This is gonna be the coolest event of my year and I really wanna go! :D
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It's that time once again. Check out (http://www.whysoserious.com/overture/) and (http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/25536384.html) for all the Joker madness! :D :D :D
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08 July 2008 @ 11:51 pm
...god, I can't believe I just spent the last three hours glued to my laptop for the CitizensForBatman.org thing. D: 
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I was talking to Ally and I indirectly reminded myself of something funny I saw on YouTube. These two girls are talking to each other in the comments for some subbed anime about some character they like. To understand why the following exchange is funny, you have to understand that, when someone starts watching subs for the first time (especially if they're pre-teens or tweens), they're bound to pick up a few words of Japanese. Which words they pick up will somewhat depend upon the series (such as "tsuki ni kawatte oshioke yo!" which means "In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!", from BSSM), but many words are universal. One of these is "kawaii", meaning "cute". The fangirls will then, without fail begin to use it as often as they can, to show off their "knowledge" of Japanese. If a fangirl denies ever doing this, she is lying (yes, I did too, though thankfully not long). Thus:

Girl 1: Oh man, he's so kawaii (kawaii means cute in Japanese)! Super, super kawaii, ne?
Girl 2: Hai, I know, I'm studying Jaepanese [note the misspelling].

These kinds of pathetic pissing contests are quite amusing to us older, wiser fangirls. If you've never embarrassed yourself in this manner (or are currently doing so and don't realise it yet), you probably won't get it, but it still cracks me up. I remember this quote every time I hear/see the word cute, so I had to share this with you guys.
Also, I'm on episode 21 of Hana Yori Dango, and I'm about thisclose to strangling Tsukushi. I mean, I've read the manga and seen way past this point in Meteor Garden, so I know what happens, but it's still frustrating. I just wanna scream, "TSUKUSHI! Hanazawa Rui is so not worth this shit! He gave up the girl he's been in love with because he's too emo over being a poor little rich boy! Don't play into his games. Doumyoji Tuskasa is so much better than him~!"
I don't wanna put in an application! I wish I didn't have to get pharmacy experience. I hate applying for jobs.
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ARGH. I just took my lecture final. 
D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: 
That pretty much sums up how I feel right now. 
However, I just checked my lab final, and I came out with an A! I kinda wish I could see the test and look at some of the answers, though.
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 Yay, I finished the lab final! I'll miss lab, though. :/ I really enjoyed that class (except for the soul-munching lab reports, but...). Dr. Nagy even made coffee for everybody! I don't like the taste, but I love the smell, so it was cool. 
Mmm, I'm hungry. What should I eat for lunch, you guys? 
My room's still clean! I bet it's a record. I'm so proud of myself. 
I really miss Batman: Beyond. It was (and still is!) one of my all-time favorite shows. Why won't they make any more episodes? At least air the old ones!
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Ick. I think I did okay on our last lecture exam. I dunno. D: 

srmorgandegdale is in Spain right now and is getting to experience them celebrating their Eurocup win. I'm so, so jealous, even though I hate Spanish with the burning passion of a thousand suns. D< 
You know what would be nice? If you guys came over to Samford and we staged a giant musical, but without telling anyone what we were doing. How fun would that be, especially during Orientation? :D :D :D 
fenellaevangela, I love you, my darling. Come talk to meeeeeeee~!


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1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE. Strikethrough the ones you HATED.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ ...

Many of these I've seen the movie/musical for and enjoyed. XD I love LesMis, but I'll never read it - I've heard it's absolutely not worth it.
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I have an exam and two finals next week. D: Well, okay, one of the finals is a lab final,  but still. ;_; 
In that vein, then, tell me your favorite procrastination techniques! Do you play games? Go to favorite websites? Watch movies? 
...you guys, I've been watching the Gravi dub. It's actually pretty good, for a dub. None of the voices are really great, mostly because they over-enunciate a little (although Eiri's is pretty close); and not everything translates well (like Pico-Pico-Noriko-chan!); and the lack of suffixes sounds weird (like Mr. Yuki? Seriously? He's Yuki-san!); but it's still okay. Tohma actually freaks me out even more in English. ::cowers:: Also, K-san just sounds bizarre without his American accent and random English. XD
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That is all.
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 :D It occurred to me the other day that millions of Yankees have "Sweet Home Alabama" on their iPods and yet I, a native-born Alabama girl (I can't say "bred", though, because Daddy's from the mountains in east Tennessee) do not, so I finally rectified that, but it's only just now come up on my playlist. XD It makes me sad that, since they used the instrumental version in those KFC ads, I now think of nasty wannabe fried chicken when I hear this song. Ick. Boo KFC, yay Mrs Winner's, Church's, and Popeye's! 

...yeah, can you tell I haven't eaten lunch yet? 
In other news, Samford-Stephanie (as opposed to Choir-Stephanie and OMHS-Stephanie) and I finished our ridiculously easy lab report earlier. I'm just waiting for our lab professor, Dr. Nagy (pronounced "najj"), to start her office hours so I can ask her about the percent yield formula. 
When we came in, we were dismayed to discover that the computer lab here in the Sciencenter had been taken over by next year's crop of freshies! They were in here registering for classes (it's the last thing they do for Orientation). I was like, "Uh, actual students need these stations!" in my head and luckily, they were all in the bigger side (the computer lab is sections offed for classes), so S-Stephanie and I could grab a couple of stations on the smaller side. There a few other groups here too. I swear, every time I see/hear an Orientation group I just wanna start talking about how hard the classes are and stuff to scare them. XD I'm incorrigible, I swear.
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D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: On the one hand, I'm happy to report Spider-kun finally surmounted his slick-wall issues and is now attempting to conquer my shelves. On the other, I totally made a picture post to show you guys what he looked like and I was all excited, them I realized it won't work because I have a Basic account.

But! "And don't forget: Elvendork! It's unisex!" SOMEBODY MAKE ME AN ICON OF THIS, PLEASE.
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Oh my god, you guuuuuuuuuuuuuys. The cutest spider in the wooooooooooooorld is trying to climb up the wall next to my desk, but it's on a really slick part, so it's stuck. D: But it's still totally adorable, because it keeps extending its legs trying to get around this smooth patch  and I keep imagining it being all: D:...:D...:O...D: over and over. :3

Yeah, that's it. I just had to share. :D
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Okay, so Beth and I hung out yesterday after I was done at the salon and something she said reminded me I hadn't read any of the most recent scanlations of Naruto. So I decided to get caught up.

;_; The more I get into the fandom, the more I like Hikago, but I think Naruto will always have a place in my heart.
At least until the manga is done.
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I miraculously managed to survive a truly horrendous Organic Chemistry test today. D: I'm just going to pass out here in the Sciencenter as soon as I'm done with this post. 
What's going on with you guys? Nearly all of my f-list is out of school for the summer, so what are you guys doing to pass the time? I'm taking summer courses obviously. Fill me in! Give me your 4-1-1! :D ::is a dork:: 
WHY AREN'T YOU GUYS WATCHING HIKAGO?! I need someone to squee with~!  
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09 June 2008 @ 10:28 pm

I JUST FINISHED HIKARU NO GO (well, okay, I haven't seen all of The Road to the Hokuto Cup special, but...).


No, siriusly, guys, it's so awesome. I am fully of love for Hikago like you wouldn't believe. It's so completely cracktastic and crackalicious. :D I've actually gotten to the point where hearing the first ending makes my heart race. XD

Reasons Why You Have To Watch Hikago:
- Ogata is the shit. He's totally a perv and him going back and forth with Kuwabara-houninbou is love.
- I love Akira-kun so much. He's adorable and a huge dork and precious.
- You will think you love Sai, but you won't understand Sai-love until you get to the first and second side-story episodes. Only then will you understand the depths of your love for Sai.
- Even though this is an anime about a bunch of (mostly old) guys playing a board game about a zillion times harder than chess that you'll probably never understand ever, it will still make you cry.
- I know most everybody hates Kuwabara-houninbou, but I love him. Nobody else can get under Ogata-perv's skin that way. :D

 - The best way I know to put it is by paraphrasing someone on YouTube: You want to be all "Go is srs bns," but you totally understand and honestly, it really is srs bns.
- The music is pretty sweet. I totally DLed, like, all of it. Even all the karaoke. I'm such a dork. XD

In other news, I am completely dominating organic chemistry. Just FYI. We learned how to do gas chromatography today! :D It was so cool!
Oh, oh, oh! If you've seen Hikago (or once you've seen Hikago), go watch the first episode of the dub. Then come back here and give me your opinion. Honestly, it wasn't that bad for me (besides Hikaru's voice a little deep, and Sai's voice just...off, but I was prepared for that), until Akira-kun walks up to Hikaru to accept his challenge.

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My lovely Ferris-chan (mayoroftardtown ) and I went and saw Ironman last week.


::insert fangirly squeals::

I mean, Tony Stark is, like, the biggest jerk of all the major superheroes (even if you include Superdickery). He's just as much of an ass in the movie, which made me way happy. And seeing it with another comics fan was so much more fun, because I kept squeeing over stuff and she knew exactly what had set me off. :3
Also, Steph and I saw Speed Racer. Don't listen to the bad reviews: Speed Racer is complete and utter crack. <3 No joke. It's so awesome. There are frigging ninjas. That right there would be enough to redeem any suckage, but the rest of the movie was pretty sweet. There were a couple of plot holes (maybe - who else has seen it? I need to discuss with you!), but it was still pretty awesome. Especially because I knew all the plotty-type things from the series and Stephanie didn't, so she kept asking me stuff, like the whole movie. XD

The movie theme was pretty kick-ass, so I downloaded it. :D

There was a lot of cussing for a kids movie, though. Not that I was complaining! There's also this hilarious part near the end with Spritle (Speed's little brother) and Chim Chim that was inspired. :D :D :D Also, anyone who knows pervy Japanese things will probably die of laughter when Sparky turns to Speed and says, in the most intense voice, "I'm looking forward to drinking that milk!" I mean, I about cried, I was laughing so hard.
Our house is so clean! It's rather nice. I mean, we keep our house pretty clean, but we went though and mopped, vacuumed, dusted, and just generally neatened up for three days.

The only downside to this is we were doing that because Renee's parents got in late last night. D: I hid out in my room all day (I slept in until about 1 o'clock), though, and only came out for dinner. Hopefully this trend will continue and my break until June won't be entirely ruined.

FERRIS, COME SAVE ME OMG. Speaking of which, remember how we were driving all around, trying to get to the Summit just because they have a Ben & Jerry's and when we finally got there, they didn't have any lemonade sorbet? And how we drove past Patton Creek because it didn't have  Ben & Jerry's?
Yeah, so Patton Creek totally has a Ben & Jerry's. And they had lemonade sorbet.
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So I used a bunch of boxes we had lying around at home to move into the dorms last fall. I broke them down and put them back in the basement once I was finished moving. Now you'd assume that, if I needed a bunch of boxes to move in, I'd need a bunch to move out, right? Well, apparently, that never occurred to Daddy. He had some of his guys clean out the basement and they used up all the boxes in the process. So Daddy let me go buy some and charge it to his card. I always get such a kick out of using Daddy's credit card, even for little purchases like this. XD
Aaaaah! Ferris! I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon! Ironman and lemonade sorbet, here we come! :D :D :D
Stephanie and I are going to the movies as well, on Friday. We're gonna see Speed Racer! We're going to eat at Sumo beforehand, so I can get their awesome ramen!
I got a whole box-and-a-half packed today. I'm so proud of myself. :3
I have two more exams, but they're both essay-style and they're only an hour each. So hopefully, I won't have any problems like last time!
I dunno if I told you guys, but I was in Samford's Step Sing 2008, in the "Freshman Girls Got Soul" show. It's kind of hard to see me, but I'm there! Make sure you check out the other shows (the person posting, stepsing2008, has all the shows on his/her page). My roomie's in Alpha Omicron Pi's (Sweepers of the Night). My personal favorites are the Omega Chi's (Forever Young), Dudes-A-Plenty's (Magic), and Alpha Delta Pi's (The Audition), but they're all good. Sigma Chi's (The Original Fraternity) is good, but nobody thought they would win (when they announced Sigma Chi was the winning group, everybody went, "What?!").
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Oh man, you guys, I so aced my Anatomy final. I told Daddy and he said he and Renee'd been praying for me, and I'm all, "It must've worked!" It was supposed to last two hours and I finished with an hour to spare - even with our professor being late! 



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I just got back from the freshman class pizza party. Free pizza, mmm.
Ewwww, the cord for my iPod has this gross gummy stuff on it. I have no idea where it's from.
That said, moving out is gonna suck. D:
Ferris! I love you! <3
Ahaha. My last Anatomy exam before the final is take-home. I'm working on it now. :D
The opening sequence to Step Sing this year was set to "How Far We've Come" and it just started playing. Every time it comes on the radio, it makes me think about Step Sing!
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25 April 2008 @ 08:07 pm




They're gonna play the Death Note movie in Trussville. May 20th and 21st.

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25 April 2008 @ 10:07 am
 I'm killing time again, this time between senior thesis defenses. My second and third classes today were canceled so we could sit in on them. I kind of wish my first and fourth classes were too, if only because some of the most interesting-sounding ones were/are during them. D: 
...I think I'm scaring people around me, because I'm dancing in my seat and mouthing the words to the songs on my iPod. X3 
So...my stepbrother apparently ran away to a friend's house. So...yeah. This should be interesting. 
I have the cutest outfit on today! Somebody come pick me up and we'll go do stuff!
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 I just finished registering for summer and fall classes. My schedule's a little wonky for fall, but my first class on Tuesday-Thursdays isn't until 11. Cool, huh? :D I had to get a class-size override for my summer lecture/lab, though. I dunno what they were smoking when they only made one summer Organic Chemistry, though. I mean, dude. Nearly my entire gen chem has to take it this summer, not to mention everybody else. 
Since I can only take one lecture/lab this summer (because they're listed at a weird time), I'm less than half-time, so I don't get any financial aid. Le sad. I'm gonna have to work my ass off between now and then because I can't get any loans or anything, either. D: 
Berryz Koudou is my current J-pop obsession. They're just too cute! There's the this dude in the background of this song who sounds like Sean Paul, though. It's throwing me off a bit. 
Did I tell you guys I totally spilled a smoothie on my laptop? It works perfectly, even though it was on and everything. It's just one more indication of the superiority of Apple and their MacBook Pros. :3 
My CP class was canceled today! That's why I'm on LJ right now. Cool, huh? We got to have class outside on Friday, and next Friday's class is canceled, too. Man, CP rocks. 
I have another anatomy exam on Wednesday. Is there no justice in the world? 
I didn't occur to me until CA last Friday that we don't really have a dress code. I'm wearing a tank top right now. I feel so rebellious. XD 
I filed my taxes the day before the deadline. I only owed, like, $1100 in all. Not bad, since I don't get any deductions ('cause I'm a dependent). Daddy better be getting an assload of deductions on his, though. 
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Just a quick post to say


I'M 20.



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1) I found my bike! About a month ago, I was late to CP II and threw my bike instead of locking it up and it disappeared. I filed a report and everything, but to no avail. I was walking back from a baseball game, came out of Bashinsky and there it was! Totally randomly. It was so cool. I had to leave the game early because the pollen was killing me, too. :D I took a Ride of Triumph around the quad and then realized I was about to keel over from pollen, so I went back to my dorm.

2) Random Factoid: How much or little your pupils dilate depends on your gender, age, and eye color. As a young, blue-eyed girl, my pupils dilate the easiest and most. Conversely, an old man with black or dark brown would dilate the least. Courtesy of my optometrist. :3

3) I am somewhat sad about my birthday last Sunday. I only got presents from my mom, my sister, and my stepbrother. Daddy ordered a thing I can plug into my Mac that will let me watch and record cable TV, but not until nearly a week after my birthday. Also, he had to get me in there to help him figure out what to order and I totally saw how much it cost. AND he even forwarded the shipping confirmation e-mail. I mean, he couldn't have ruined the surprise of a present any more.
Also, I asked for an Edgar's pound cake like my sister's (meaning a three-tiered cake with icing), but they apparently couldn't be bothered to order one. They just bought one ready-made and got a container of icing from the grocery store. Not that it was iced, though. They just gave me the icing. I was very sad. D:
I know this sounds totally materialistic and shallow, but still. D:

4) I totally thought I had a research paper due tomorrow that I hadn't even started, but luckily for me, it's due next Friday. :D :D :D

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17 March 2008 @ 12:26 am
Hai guise! I know I just updated, but I only just now installed the LJMobile thing. ^^;;
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Oh man, I am so glad it's finally Spring Break. I mean, I have an assload of work for class (whyyyyyy, Professors, whyyyyyy?), but I don't have to actually go to class. I also get to sleep in my nest (350-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets, fleece blanket, quilt, and queen-size down comforter on a full-size bed) every day. I'm so psyched.
I'm going to rustanator's house tomorrow, to help him fill out his FAFSA and hang out. I haven't see him in forever...
We (the family and I) ate at this kick-ass restaurant called All-Steak (I know, right?) in Cullman. Oh my god. They have these yummy rolls and cute waiters and spaghetti bake and baked potatoes and STEAK. Holy god, it was good. Like, Tavern-at-the-Summit-good.
Before we ate at the restaurant, I made $50 selling t-shirts and stuff at the All-State Choral Competition on Saturday. It was kind of cool. The people I worked with were awesome, I get to see Mrs. Hughes and Christine again, and I got to hear the boys choir.
Oh god.
So hot.
The basses...
I had to keep telling myself, "You turn twenty in two weeks. That would be so illegal, even if no jury that had ever sung in a choir would convict me!"
One of their songs was "No One's Gonna Harm You" from Sweeney Todd. It made me sad. D:
We took our second chem exam last week, and I made the exact same score as the first one. Weird, huh?
WHY WILL THIS ALL BE ON THE SAME TEST?! Weren't all the bones at once bad enough? ::cries::
We're going to visit my great-grandmother in Erwin, Tennessee (and the Chattanooga Aquarium and the Ikea in Atlanta) this week. We'll also be Easter dress shopping! :D I love Easter - it's the only day you can wear white shoes before Memorial Day or after Labor Day!  
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10 March 2008 @ 10:27 am
Man, I rock so hard. I woke up feeling icky this morning, so I trotted down to Health Services and got myself a note for the day. I feel fine now, I managed to finish all my OWLs, and it turned out I needed, like, 30 minutes to assemble my paper to be turned in. Not to mention I had to reprint various conference sheets and pages of my actual paper because I kept finding little errors. I think I'm good now.
My intramural soccer team made it to the tournament and our first game is tonight. Wish us luck!
Spring Break is next week! We're going to the aquarium in Atlanta, then going to see my great-grandmother in Erwin, Tennessee, then swinging back through Atlanta to go to Ikea on the way back. :3
POLLEN IS EVERYWHERE OHMYGOD. It frigging snowed the other day, but did that affect anything? Of course not. Pollen from the South is tenacious and evil. D: ::is surrounded by aloe tissues and face wipes::
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Yeah, so I'm a Baseball Belle at Samford. We pick up bats and give the umpire extra baseballs at the home games. Lots of fun, except when it's really damn cold outside, like it was today. I was recovering from my pollen-sickness, but now I'm all icky. I had to miss a soccer game. D:
I'd forgotten Joe played on the baseball team, so it was cool seeing him. He's a good player! The only bad thing about being a Belle is that I have not the slightest understanding of baseball. D:

I finally finished Lucky *Star the other day. I'm kind of sad, but I really liked it. The whole series is so cute! WATCH IT NOW.
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19 February 2008 @ 09:00 pm

1) I was in Step Sing! It's where all these different groups pick a theme and choose songs to sing and dance to that fit it. It was so much fun! We didn't win (Sigma Chi did, out of nowhere), but one of the judges was my old choir director, Mr Cleveland! :D 

2) I'm playing intramural soccer now. I missed being a goalie! We played our first game tonight and we won, 4-1! I bounced my head off the ground making a save, though, and it still hurts.

3) My blood elf priest is level 19 now. It would be a few levels higher (at least equal to my troll mage), but Step Sing didn't end until last Saturday night, so... 

4) Everyone at Samford got sick (because it's February, and because half the campus was tired from Step Sing - and the other half was rooming with them!). One day, all of Dani's classes were canceled, because all her professors got sick!
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I've been listening to it on repeat all day while I was filing papers. From 8-5. No joke. I got almost nothing done - I kept dancing around and singing. XD XD XD

...I'm actually dancing now...
Anyway, I'm supposed to be packing for school. I move in sometime tomorrow and start classes on Monday. Where did my vacation gooooooo?!
I've been playing WoW again. I now have a level 12 Blood Elf priest in the guild <Tupacs Revenge> on the Wildhammer U.S. server. Come play with me! I can heal you! It'll be fun!
I've also been listening to this podcast called "The Instance" off of iTunes. If you like WoW, you should listen. Even if you don't, you still might like it!
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